What is SSIP?

What is SSIP?

SSIP saves clients, buyers and suppliers more than £50 million annually


SSIP saves clients, buyers and suppliers more than £50 million annually. The figures show the total savings, linked to cross-recognition between health and safety assessments, reported to SSIP by the individual assessment schemes.


The new figures show SSIP is making a real contribution to reducing excessive health and safety pre-qualification. Misdirected effort in prequalification and other assessment is a huge burden on the supply chain, and SSIP continues to reduce unnecessary costs to buyers and suppliers.

All SSIP member schemes are fully committed to the vision of driving unnecessary cost and confusion out of supplier health and safety assessment, and SSIP’s core philosophy is to enable effective cross-recognition between existing schemes

All ‘SSIP member-assessed’ suppliers have shown they meet a basic standard for health and safety capability, which is recognised across industry, commerce and the public sectors. Buyer specification of ‘SSIP member-assessed’ suppliers is the procurement route preferred by many suppliers, as it optimises savings and reduces waste, for both buyers and suppliers.

Currently in excess of 57,000 suppliers are registered with an SSIP Member Scheme and this information is readily accessible via the SSIP web portal. The SSIP web portal is free to access and provides an easy way of finding out if a supplier holds valid certification with an SSIP member scheme and confirms compliance with the SSIP Core Criteria and UK H&S Legislation.

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The criteria for SSIP

SSIP’s assessment criteria is based on demonstrating health and safety competence in relation to construction regulations. However, the core criteria can be equally relevant to non-construction related companies.

Acclaim Accreditation has assessed many organisations from within a wide range of business sectors including:

• Construction • Facilities and Property Management • Retail •
• Manufacturing • Secondary and Tertiary Eduaction • Leisure and Play •
• Forestry • Transport and distribution • Health and Care •

The majority of our health and safety questions apply to all types and sizes of organisations.

Our high calibre team of assessors have an extensive scope of knowledge and experience in a vast range of business disciplines at a strategic, operational and site level to ensure that your assessment is reviewed by an assessor that understands your business.

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